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Nina Werner
Nina Werner22-09-2014
This week, we #MAKYT happen on Youth TV Kenya!
Ifedayo Ward
Ifedayo Ward15-09-2014
Manal Durri
Manal Durri22-09-2014
An incredible and risky example of #MAKYT Monday #MakytHappenByAnyMeansNeccessary I saw outside my office window on the 32nd floor!!! @Mara-Mentor
Mara Foundation
Mara Foundation15-09-2014
It’s #MAKYT MONDAY! Check out mentor @Hetal-Shah #MAKYT powerful with Board of Director of Atlas Mara Bob Diamond, John Vitalo, Barbara Iyayi, and Kenroy Dowers. Show us what you’ve done to #MAKYT happen lately! Best picture will be posted on the Mara profile on Tuesday.
Nina Werner
Nina Werner15-09-2014
Today is #MAKYT Monday! What have you done to #MAKYT happen? In #Kenya, we took the bus!
Nina Werner
Nina Werner08-09-2014
#MAKYT SUNNY! Nairobi is cold and miserable these days...