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Vinesh Maharaj
Vinesh Maharaj08-02-2016
Catch my short inspirational video http://ow.ly/Y43zV #entrepreneur#business#sales#life BOOK NOW for THE ULTIMATE ENTREPRENEUR. 18th March 2016 Roodepoort, Johannesburg 9am - 5pm R1500.00 p.p valid until 12 February 2016. info@vineshmaharaj.com +27 84 990 1539
omamuzo samson
omamuzo samson27-03-2015
As an #entrepreneur#startups you need your customers. The world describe them as 'always right' because they've got the cash. A repeated customer is even better. Read how to keep them here http://bit.ly/1LQcR2e
Mara Foundation
Mara Foundation16-06-2015
#Entrepreneur or the leader of the organization has to make decisions which require creative problem solving in all the areas like planning, organising, leading and controlling. The problem solving in today’s competitive business environment is becoming more and more complex, thus we face a large number of unprecedented problems which have very limited or even no fathomable solutions. As such the chances of finding a proper solution to any such problem(s) will require out-ofthe-box solutions for which the entrepreneur’s #CreativeThinking, #ManagementSkills and will to take bold and #UnconventionalDecisions are critical.