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Mara Foundation
Mara Foundation11-08-2015
There is a mystery in the entrepreneurship world, especially in #Africa that does not document the achievement of its female entrepreneurs. #Africa is a nation of documented history of great stories of its greatest achievements. There is little or no information on documented achievements on female entrepreneurs that are making and shifting the business world. When we do find documented stories of female entrepreneurs, there are brief descriptions of female entrepreneurs in the continent of Africa. There needs to be more female role models that share their stories of the value of entrepreneurship in #Africa. No longer can we look outside of the continent for female pioneers to inspire our young upcoming female entrepreneurs. Let us find inspiration in the continent that makes it valuable for our young girls to look up to so they can see that it is possible in #Africa. #WomensMonth
Bruce Richards
Bruce Richards29-11-2014
#Africa - Huge Opportunities