Nwachukwu Jude Donpaul

Education and Training
South Africa

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    Nwachukwu Jude Donpaul
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    Education and Training
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    Jude Donpaul Nwachukwu is a dynamic and passionate driver of change with excellence at play. He is a distinguished public speaker, concept researcher and content developer with success and evidence-based leadership. He is the Serving Strategist of Stage Africa, an NGO with a divine mandate committed to “raising out of the box strategic thinkers in all facets of life and re-engineering a paradigm of knowledge shift with striking accomplishment” based in South Africa. He is also the Lead Consultant of Bridgewater Consulting, a firm that specializes in Knowledge, Change, Project and Safety Management. He also serves on the board of Vintage24 Limited, a UK-based company as a Regional Director for Africa. He is a licensed Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator in the academic environment with performance-driven result. He is a dynamic inspirational speaker and host of the popular programme – MINDSHIFT – which airs on radio in South Africa. He is passionate about teaching Leadership, Mind Re-engineering and Business Ideametrics® through seminars, workshop, conferences and media. Filled with CUTTING EDGE AND UNDILUTED REVELATIONS, his teachings have inspired, encouraged and ignited on loads of people for a TRANSFORMATION OF MINDS AND IDENTITY DISCOVERY. Audio podcast and inspirational articles can be viewed on