Gatty Bharat Chandrashekar

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

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    Gatty Bharat Chandrashekar
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    Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
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    I have close to 9 years of experience in Test Management, Continuous Delivery(CD), Automation and Manual Testing on leading mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile/Phone and Blackberry. Involved in planning and building QA and Automation Delivery teams on mobile platforms from grass root level using the right set of tools and processes. I have designed and built Mobile Continuous Delivery(CD) systems for multiple mobile enterprise applications. A typical build delivery pipeline included Code Analysis, Build Generation and Deployment to real physical mobile devices, running Automated Tests and automatically sharing the build via Test Flight/Apperian/Hockey build distribution systems. I am passionate about Testing and Test Automation and I like spending my time researching and mentoring resources on testing tools and automation technologies. My previous assignment involved releasing the highly anticipated Tesco Grocery iPhone/iPad/Android application for the UK region. I have also worked on Tesco HUDL Tablet project whilst I was stationed at London ,United Kingdom. I have worked as Scrum Master and managed the development team on Digital Clubcard Program in Tesco PLC. In my previous role, I worked as an Engineering Manager and managed the team that built Store Empowerment application on iOS and Android platform. I am currently working as QA Manager in Mara Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd since May 2015.